Washington has a spending problem. Unfortunately, their spending problem is our problem, since we have to pay the bill. The proposed federal budget next year is $3.6 trillion dollars — more than twice the budget in 1996! Do you feel Washington is doing twice as good of a job? Of course not.

It’s actually worse though, because they aren’t just spending more, they are running an enormous deficit – $1.4 trillion just this year — three times larger than any deficit in the history of this country, and it is forecasted that over the next five years another $4 trillion will be added. These super-sized defecits go on into the future which means that our children and grandchildren will be picking up the tab for today’s wasteful spending.

I oppose adding even one more dollar to the national deficit.  Instead, we need to be paying it down. I support a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment that says, except in times of dire national emergency, the government must balance the budget – just like American families are forced to do.  In addition, I support a public, non-partisan review of the whole federal government, from top to bottom, with the duty of recommending specific cuts we need to balance the budget and a mandatory vote by Congress on the recommendation.
Let me be very clear: some of the politicians in Washington say they have to run a deficit because taxes don’t bring in enough money. I disagree. I think we all feel that we pay enough in taxes, and that giving the politicians more of our hard-earned money is not the way to get them to cut spending.