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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scott Peters is infamously known as the architect of the “Enron by the Sea” scandal that nearly bankrupted San Diego when he voted to increase the city’s pension benefits while underfunding the pension system in 2002.

In order to compensate for his negligence, Peters supported Proposition D, an increase in San Diego’s city sales tax to help pay for the $2.1 billion underfunded pension liability he left behind for taxpayers to clean up.

That is why San Diegans overwhelmingly rejected this tax increase by 61% of the vote and put a referendum on Scott Peters reckless past.

“Scott Peters left San Diegans with a $2.1 billion underfunded pension liability and supported raising your taxes to pay for his ‘negligent’ mistakes.” said Congressman Bilbray.  “If he wanted real pension reform, he should have supported Proposition B, which took significant steps to fix the mess he left behind.  Instead, Peters advocated for higher taxes and bigger government, which create fewer middle-class jobs.  That is just one of the many reasons San Diegans simply can’t afford to send Scott Peters to congress.”

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