In 1994, I ran for Congress because our country was heading in the wrong direction. Those who were elected to serve were corrupted by their relationships with special interests, irresponsible with our money, and generally out of touch with the everyday lives of average citizens. I felt that we had too many politicians giving lip service, and not enough public servants.

When I left Congress in 2001, we had worked hard to eject special interests from the Capitol, balance the budget (we had a $155 billion surplus while still cutting middle-class taxes), and change self-serving laws so that our Congressional representatives had to live under the same laws as every other citizen.

Unfortunately, by 2006, Washington had returned to its old ways and was not focusing on illegal immigration, renewable energy issues, and the environment. More importantly, Congress went on a spending spree that was and is mortgaging our grandchildren’s future. So, I ran again.

In short, I’m running to reform our federal government. We need to get our country back on track again. Congress has to be accountable with our money and our trust – whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

The spending by this Congress is completely out of control. They have given us the biggest deficit in the history of the nation, and they have plans to spend even more on additional bailouts, government-run health care, and more government bureaucracy. Worse, they want to pay for these initiatives with more borrowing and more taxes on middle class Americans and small business owners who form the life-blood of this country by providing jobs and fueling the economy!

I don’t think more government spending, more taxes, or more government, are the answers to our current financial problems. I want less wasteful government spending, fewer taxes, smaller, more efficient government, and fewer regulations that get in the way of innovation. Simply put: We are moving in the wrong direction and if we are going to secure a future of opportunity we must reverse course – now.